I love Apollo. It has been the most useful tool I've ever used for Delphi development - it really pushes above the rest. Excellent product! Fast, small, and easy to use and deploy.

Jeff Day, Softech Inc.

We have been using Apollo for many years now. Over the years our business has grown a lot and I'm glad Apollo did too! We are using multi-language databases with multi-language operating systems all in one network. The new Apollo VCL components really do a great job in serving those databases to our users while giving us full control over those well-known international index and sorting issues...Keep up the good work and compliments for your tech support.

Roel Kroes, Kroes Automatisering & Communicatie

I found Apollo VCL very easy to use and, in a very short time, I was able to code the sample application that I wanted to test. I basically compared Apollo to CodeBase that did an update of 65,000 records on a database. The speed of Apollo was significantly better than CodeBase. I am very pleased and have already placed an order.

Ted Coursen, AMSTAT Corporation

I have just upgraded another one of my BDE based applications to Apollo VCL and the speed increase was approximately 500%. Apollo rocks! Also there is no requirement to see who has the PDOXUSERS.NET file open and all of those other BDE related headaches. Bloody marvelous idea that is.

Andy Duggan, IT Manager, Asean Cargo Services P/L

Apollo is an EXCELLENT product which I use for EVERY application I write which requires a database, and nowadays that means all of them.

Bill Colby-Newton, Red Lion Software, Inc.

The speed of reading records was never as fast as in this release. Apollo Database Server is one of the best servers for Internet, intranet and extranet. I mean price, time of development (learning curve), no effort in migrating data, and best of all: speed in queries is amazing.

Enrique Olguín

With Apollo 6, we can finally say that we have a set of Windows applications that actually out-perform their Clipper counterparts. Setting CommitLevel to clNone makes the speed down-right scary. We used Apollo for the initial versions of our Windows applications, but the numerous changes and issues starting with Version 4 forced me over to Advantage Local Server for the last couple of years. I've been very happy with the stability and performance. Fortunately, we create all data access components at run-time and thus can switch between the two products by changing only one file. This lets us compare both products in real-life applications, not simply some overly-optimized benchmarks.

The results have been very encouraging. Our internal testing shows that Apollo is 50% faster than ALS 5.7 and 30% faster than ALS 6.1. This overall speed increase combined with the ability to use RYO indexes instead of a compatible approach makes some of our most complex reports up to 70% faster. Next week, we will be releasing these new versions to 6 or 7 selective clients. Excellent work and congratulations on delivering an excellent version of Apollo. Keep up the great work. I look forward to using many more of your products

Dave Maryka, Director of Product Development, InHouse Software

I just upgraded to the new Apollo. This version alone also helped speed things up. Congratulations and keep up the great work on an excellent product. Without Apollo, I wouldn't have a successful product.

Scott Sheck, Dell Computer Corporation

I love your products. Applications I developed with Apollo over the last decade have aced the test of time, with heavy daily use. The apps are robust and keep on ticking even when users have upgraded through multiple versions of Windows (my Access databases never passed that test) and deployment is a breeze. I went ahead and purchased the upgrade today.

Tony Potter, Harlequin Custom Databases

All the new products are GREAT! I've hit no problems after banging on Apollo and the Server for weeks! Great work. This release makes me proud to be using your products!

Dana Dill, Senior Programmer, Sports Development Studio

We have been using Apollo in our applications for many years, but this is the most extensive Apollo beta cycle we've been part of. It was comforting to see so many active Apollo testers participate from all around the world. Messages from testers were posted on at all hours of the day and the team kept delivering fixes. This is the best version we've seen.

Peter Grimshaw, President, BTM Innovation Pty. Ltd.

Apollo just got Hardcore!

Andy Duggan, IT Manager, Asean Cargo Services P/L

Congratulations on one of the longest and most careful beta cycles I've ever seen!

Dan Kloke, Senior Developer, Synthetic Systems

The willingness of the support staff to spend so long in ensuring a complete and reliable product family whilst at the same time providing extraordinary support to the Apollo community brings credit to each of them individually and collectively. This Apollo release will be a new benchmark for the xBase community.

Ian Branch, Workflow Software

I really like your products...please keep up the good work!

Rory Glidewell
Lowes Market

We recently hired ApolloDB to help us with consulting on a large web development project. With practically no experience in web development, we didn't even know where to start. After talking to the team about the scope and importance of our project, we had a much clearer picture of how it could be done but we were still lacking the technical details - the nitty-gritty if you will. Making the decision to hire them for the initial consulting was the best thing we could have done.

In just two days, they gave us the jump start we needed. Specifically, he showed us how to use COM and ASP, along with Apollo Database Server, to get the results we needed. Med was able to quickly grasp the nuances of our situation, then apply principles from other work he had done, and even developed new ways of doing things to satisfy our needs. It's obvious that Med is a top-notch programmer. I can honestly say that had we not hired ApolloDB for those two days, the project, which ended up taking us a month to deliver, would probably have taken us 6 months - and we just didn't have that kind of time.

Rich Dlin, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Milano Computer Systems

ApolloDB soars above not only other database engine software companies, but most other software companies in general. Not only are the Apollo Database Server and Apollo VCL for Delphi extremely fast, their greatest value to my company is their tremendous technical support. In my twenty years of programming, I have never experienced another software company that listens as closely to it's customer's input. During my two year relationship with ApolloDB, I have been continually impressed with the depth of commitment and involvement of all employees I have had the pleasure of working with. In today's world, quality customer service and technical support at most companies have reached an all time low. This is not the case at ApolloDB. Prospective customers will never regret any purchases from your company. Thank you.

Ron Link, Senior Programmer, Express Tel/Tel America

I'm writing to thank ApolloDB for quickly fixing the issues I reported. I worked with Mike Orlov via e-mail and he was very helpful. The issues were obscure and many companies would not have spent the time to resolve them, but ApolloDB stepped up to the plate when I needed them. Thanks.

Mike Benowitz FUND E-Z Development Corp.

Your support and software are brilliant.

Helmut Lohof, Bad Emstal, Germany

Thanks so much for your quick help concerning my posting on memo problems. I must say that Apollo support really is great and hotlines, especially in Germany, could learn a lot from you.

Christian Lauer, CEO, Netzwerk Kommunikation GmbH

I wanted tell everybody about the exceptional support I have just received. I would like to put on record my appreciation of the support from ApolloDB, in particular the patience, effort and time given by Med Shakeri over the last 3 days via International phone calls, software changes and e-mails to get my ASP pages running. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! As we both suspected from the start it boiled down to something very simple, the read/write privileges of the 'data' directory. Again, my deepest thanks

Ian Branch, Workflow Software

Your Apollo VCL tool and the assistance of participants in your Apollo VCL news group has been indispensable to completion of this project.

John Roncalio

I just wanted to say I'm impressed with your level and speed of support. I have never experienced this before. Thanks for including the EvalString fix it the latest update. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend.

Ivan Davison, Hortilink Marketing Systems, Brisbane, Australia

All of you are doing a great job and I am now happy that I stayed with Apollo.

Thilo Bretschneider, Promo Datentechnik

Congratulations on Apollo Winning Best Database Engine Award! Never saw a company that cares so much about its customers! These awards make the hard work less painful!

Patrick Mast

Well it's about time you guys get recognized for your hard work and long hours. I can't remember a time before ApolloDB took over Apollo that the engine and support have been as solid and dependable as they are now. Keep up the good work.

Denny Shirer, Product Development, Tres-D Corp.

You guys are an example to us all with your service and support!!!

Lindsay Symons, Director, HearSoft Pty Ltd

Perhaps I should not use that newsgroup in that way. But I can't resist expressing my satisfaction for the help ApolloDB gave me, thus resolving my problem. The answer was fast, precise and complete.... Never had such a good service delivered that fast (and even out of business hours, coming to think of it). Thanks to you guys and let the world know the great work you are doing.

Jean-Jacques Caillée

Thank you for your prompt help. Super service. Looking forward to long-term relationship.

Dick Weber

Again, I must say I am amazed at the quick response you and your staff have provided. Your insights are well founded and provide us on the front lines the info we need to make our apps work for our customers.

Dennis Hunsaker

Congratulations to everyone at ApolloDB. I would just like to say my thanks, your product and tech support is outstanding.

Mel Weaver

Thank you for the quick response, very good service.

Albert Brandmeier, President, Brandmeier-Software

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my request. I really appreciate everything about ApolloDB and it products. Your operation is such an improvement over what was happening at Luxent, I have no way really of expressing my appreciation. By the way, Apollo is really great.

Steve Hess, CustomerLinx

We have just built a new ASP.NET application using Apollo .NET and Apollo Server. Our app has over 70 concurrent users at any given time and the entire system is working absolutely great. I love how Apollo .NET gives me the option of working with SQL as well as direct sx_ API calls. Great work guys!

Sunil Prasad, A&A Software Solutions Ltd.

>> Looks interesting.
>> What do you find is it's most attractive features?
"Ease of use. Built-in ASP functions. I write Apollo ASP code with no problems. It handles variables including session variables easily. I like it more than Visual Interdev for ease of use. Give it a try.

Gary Halpin

As always, I am excited by what you have planned in the development of Apollo ASP! Keep up the good work. I must agree that Apollo ASP is a very elegant solution.

Steve McGoldrick

I am using Apollo ASP as the data server which I have posted to a web site. It works GREAT. It saves me all of the hassles associated with DNS and connections to the ISP database. I test Apollo ASP locally on my laptop running Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows 2000 Professional on my desktop. For web development, this is the best database component out there. For anyone reading this, I have no connection whatsoever with the folks at ApolloDB, but they need to get positive feedback also. Thanks!

Gary Halpin

Recognising that an enormous effort has gone into not only restoring the 'reputation' of Apollo but also to the creation of the Apollo Database Server product, I would like to put on record my hearty congratulations to the Development Team and Staff of ApolloDB

Ian Branch, Workflow Software

Excellent work, and congratulations. All the tests were OK. Apollo COM is completely compatible with the files of data of Clipper 5.x (.DBF - .DBT - .NTX) multi user. I will buy the component, it is the best. Many thank you for the support.

Juan Carlos

I recently upgraded to the Unlimited User Server and am very happy with both the product and your new policy, which approaches too good to be true!

Alan Welsh, President, Pecora

After using Paradox for the last few years I was completely floored by Apollo's performance. As a matter of fact, this simple test was all that I needed to convince myself that this is the database solution for all my future products. The day after this test I flew out to meet a potential client and clinched the deal based on the fact that I could produce a client-server database solution for them at an affordable price.

Scott Prokopetz

When I downloaded the Apollo trial and connected to a database at the other end of the world, I was so thrilled I couldn't sleep. Network and Internet client/server database connectivity from Delphi with no coding - that is a strong feature!

Hans van Leth, The Netherlands

I must say, these changes [in Apollo Database Server 5.14] are slick! We've been looking at other options for this one client and they all involve a lot more work in implementation and cost. With this recent change, it appears [Apollo] will take a lot of wind out of the MIDAS, Multi-Tier and thin/client database groups. The speed has been their biggest claim to success.

Dennis Hunsaker, President, Digital Matrix

I purchased Advantage Database Server and then gave up when Apollo Database Server was released. I cannot give any performance-based comparisons, but the choice of Apollo was simple for me due to my Clipper past: the excellent support here and the avoidance of dongles and high installation prices. While Advantage Database Server still has the edge in a few areas (such as transactional processing) I know that ApolloDB will be ahead in the next few months, and I do not think you will be disappointed with the speed - the Apollo SQL engine is incredibly fast.

Peter Grimshaw, President, BTM Innovation Pty Ltd

I am sure that Apollo Database Server is going to be a best seller.

Israel Nemlich

We're still working on client side tests through the Internet using TCP/IP and Apollo Database Server. We've been able to create test apps that load several databases and the scroll/refresh speed between master and detail grids is more than twice the speed of the same app written in FiveWin with the Advantage server.

Dennis Hunsaker, President, Digital Matrix

Although not being sold with full source code (it's the only default), Apollo Database Server is a GREAT PRODUCT. It's the perfect balance between complexity and performance!

Eric Walker, Waldata

I just installed the [Apollo Database Server] updates and ran some tests. The speed difference is huge. Thank you for addressing that issue so quickly - I'm uninstalling InterBase as I write.

Mark Johnson

I felt I just had to drop you a note thanking you for the Apollo VCL product which we recently purchased. On your advice, we have now investigated the Apollo Client Server tools and to say I am very impressed would be a gross understatement.

We have now been through most of the client/server database management tools for our Delphi and C++ Builder Apps - I just wished I had found the Apollo product earlier - it is really very good indeed. Installation of the client components was a breeze, and the server just fell onto our Windows 2000 Server.

From a standing start with no experience of the components or the server we had an application creating data tables on the remote server in less than 30 minutes, thanks to some very well presented help files that actually do provide some meaningful help and some workable examples.

Remote administration allowed us to create aliases and users remotely very easily and with the added SQL support I now have a bunch of very happy developers. Thanks again, and please pass my thanks for a great product to the team at ApolloDB.

Dr. David Case, President & CEO, Secure Technology Group
Milton Keynes, England - Cape Town, South Africa - Florida

We have an internal CGI app that's used for shopping cards, on-line purchases, etc. We manage to open the same database in CGI apps nearly 5 times a second (through testing). It traverses through entire tables (with millions of records) in less than 2 seconds per run (mind you, this includes updating cart information, product inventory, etc..) Pretty darn impressive to use the SDE sx_* commands.

Luke Croteau

I wanted to write to you to express my great appreciation for what ApolloDB has done. After a solid month of banging my head against the wall trying to use VB6, ADO and MS Access to create a simple medical database application, I concluded that Microsoft's "data access suite" did not give me the programmatic control that I needed to allow me to provide our users with the flexibility they need while preserving the integrity of the data.

After downloading Apollo's OLE DB provider, the gears started turning once again and a short time later we installed the beta at the local hospital. Immediately the head of the department for which it was designed called to say, "it does exactly what we want and it's blazingly fast." The only unhappy people are the secretaries who used to get a free half-hour break to run reports on the data. Now they only get half a minute. Apollo effectively bridges the gap between ease of use and functionality. If you go with other products you'll most likely have to choose one or the other. For this reason, all of our future database products will use Apollo. Thanks for the great product.

Christopher Clarke
Scientific Software Solutions, Inc.

I have 11 systems out there that use Artemis 4.02 and 5.0 [Apollo Data Control]. All the systems are working great. System List:

  1. Restaurant Menu System - Place orders, print orders in the kitchen, prints receipts, keeps track of all orders completed. Uses Artemis and DbGrid on touch screen monitors (Multi-user).
  2. Pulp Export System - Keeps track of all pulp from mill to its final destination (Vessel out of the port).
  3. Import Tracking System - Tracks all goods received in the warehouse from Shipping port to end user.
  4. Member Directory System - Printing of Directory Proofs for Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch).
  5. Investor System - Keeps track of all Investors and their transactions. Prints tax forms, cheques.
  6. Grievance System - British Columbia Government Employees Union Grievance and Member Tracking System.
  7. Inventory System - Inventory System for Wholesale warehouse. Keeps track of accounting, vendors and customers
  8. Classification Appeals System - Appeals tracking System for Union.
  9. Air Import System - Courier Import System.
  10. AD Tracking System - Archive Data Tracking System for Unions.
  11. Invoicing System - For Consulting and Computer Sales.

As you can see I am very happy with Apollo.

Sunil Prasad, A&A Software Solutions Ltd.

I finished a new system using Apollo OLE DB and installed it for testing on a Novell network for 20 users and it seems to work great. I have no complaints about speed. You guys seem to have a great product on your hands.

Sunil Prasad, A&A Software Solutions Ltd.

I thought you might be interested in my recent success with Apollo Relay Server. My company uses my Apollo client/server Delphi 5 programs in 13 offices across our internal WAN. We also have half a dozen VPN connections to our network. Two of our offices using VPN connections have never been able to open any ApolloTables on a remote ApolloServer. The client programs are able to connect to the server fine, but as soon as the programs set ApolloTable.Active := true, the application always froze.

Over a period of many months, we have tried to pinpoint the problem without success. We use a combination of Netopia and Linksys routers plus various firewalls. We felt that the problem was most likely an odd router setting. I did not expect a firewall problem since we could make a connection to the server every time. Without ever seeing this problem before, Med recommended giving Apollo Relay a shot. Within a few minutes, the ApolloTables were opening without any problems! I am happy to report that Apollo Relay works great. Thanks again!

Ron Link, Senior Programmer, Express Tel/Tel America

I'm so glad you guys added SQL support to Apollo. I've been working with Apollo SQL 5 for the past few months and it's working very well for us. Keep up the good work.

James Richards

We were looking for a very stable, fast and lightweight database engine for our application that was built with Delphi. ApolloDB was able to provide such a solution with their Apollo VCL and Apollo SQL products. We have just finished a very extensive summary report that uses over 180 queries with the Apollo SQL engine. The entire process with the 180+ queries, chart creation, and report generation runs in less than 6 seconds. Thanks ApolloDB team for the excellent and flawless performance from this product!

Eddie Conner, Senior Developer, Trale, Inc.

The speed of the SQL engine is truly breathtaking. Congratulations on a job well done!

Peter Grimshaw, President, BTM Innovation Pty Ltd.

I have installed and tested the new Apollo SQL. It works perfect and *very* fast. Great support - THANK YOU!

Dominique Mikes

By the way, I have installed the new Apollo Database Server felicitations! The SQL is MUCH FASTER (20x from 3,000 ms to 150ms for the SELECT statement we were using)

Eric Walker

By the way, I was totally impressed with your product. I created a demo application using some queries against your TEST.DBF database. I was blown away by the speed with which I was able to retrieve records from a remote server. I installed the Apollo Database Server on a Windows workstation and used a RAS connection from another identical workstation and retrieved my record sets instantly!

After using Paradox for the last few years I was completely floored by Apollo's performance. As a matter of fact, this simple test was all that I needed to convince myself that this is the database solution for all my future products. The day after this test I flew out to meet a potential client and clinched the deal based on the fact that I could produce a client-server database solution for them at an affordable price.

Scott Prokopetz

I have say that Apollo's Fast Text Search works very well and very fast. I use it to search different words in the record data, including data stored in three memo fields.

Hubert Duijvewaardt, Computer Solutions, Belgium

Thank you for the very good and stable Apollo, for your extremely good support and for your friendly answers.

Albert Brandmeier, President, Brandmeier-Software

This Apollo release is done right! Bravo! I've been a user since before version 2, and was recently sampling Advantage and CodeBase but that [plan] is out the window now. Your work in code and support has been excellent, exemplary. When surveys ask for examples of great product support, I point them to the site. When folks ask how I get such great performance with big data, I just smile.

Dan Kloke, Synthetic Systems

I have only now just switched over to Apollo 5 (From Apollo 4.x) and there are a number of improvements. The ApolloEnv Component is back. It's much, much faster. My apps are constantly in an out of FoxPro Tables (CDX), some of which are Between 600 and 800 Mb in size (FPT Files in excess of 200 MB) and I don't have a problem...Another bonus is the Help file actually relates to the Version. No more shooting in the dark.

Andy Duggan, IT Manager, Asean Cargo Services P/L

We use Apollo in our Surpass library automation software and have been thrilled with its performance and depth of features. ApolloDB provides the kind of support that we like to give our customers. When we reported a small bug in the software, ApolloDB fixed it and mailed us a new version in less than 24 hours. Other than our own support, I have never seen anything else like this. Thanks.

Danny Humphress, President, Development and Support
Surpass Software, The Humphress Group

I'm personally very pleased with Apollo 5. I think everyone will agree the stability and reliability of the product have greatly improved. There has been a noticeable speed increase with Apollo 5. The tech support provided with the new staff is leaps and bounds above the previous support.

Mel Weaver

[Apollo] Ver 7 works _much_ better for me than any earlier version did, and support is one of the best I know.

Achim Marliani

... As for Apollo, I started with your first version and created a medical billing package for physical therapy using Delphi 1. I just finished upgrading it to Delphi 5 / Apollo 5 and the difference was amazing. Keep up the good work.

Del Geist, GW Associates

We've been using Apollo since version 1.0 and have always been very happy with it. It works great concurrently with the Clipper version of our Freight Tracking System. It sure beats the BDE for ease of installations!! Keep up the good work.

Bob Spier, ARK Systems

Apollo is the best product to transfer Clipper apps to Windows. I have ported a lot of DOS-Clipper apps to Windows, some of them very huge "monster-apps". Without Apollo I would have been not able to port these apps to real Windows apps with every advantage of Delphi. Apollo runs stable and very, very fast. Simply a must have.

Albert Brandmeier, President, Brandmeier-Software

We ported our Clipper app to Delphi using Apollo with great success. It allows us file compatibility with our Clipper version, which some clients refuse to give up. Conversion of code was easy since Apollo supports xBase syntax. ... Apollo recently changed hands and went from being a good product to a great product. The support is great and the staff does everything they can to ensure a great product.

Mike Benowitz

I think we have overcome any doubts about compatibility problems in Apollo with Clipper, CDX, Norwegian collation, FoxPro record locking, OEM character set, buffering and simultaneous updating. So from now on I believe we are on the right track and can make a smooth transition from Clipper.

Einar Tvete

Apollo is super. I've been using it since Delphi 1. One thing is *very* nice: Apollo supports table encryption. If you need a tiny, fast data engine to distribute consumer applications using proprietary databases you don't want others to plagiarize - use Apollo. I just upgraded to Apollo 5. I can't wait to test it out.

James E. Presley

Thanks so much for your prompt answers and the files. Your care for customers is really EXCELLENT !!! ... Apollo 5 works really great and very fast. I am porting a rather big application from Clipper to Delphi. Before changing to Delphi and Apollo I ported a few application to Windows with FiveWin. The performance of Delphi/Apollo is MUCH better than FiveWin. The IDE/RAD of Delphi is a dream and Apollo is exactly what I was missing in pure Delphi! Thanks again and compliments for your good work.

Mario Scarperi

Well after working with Apollo 5 for a few days I have to congratulate ApolloDB on the Apollo 5 improvements. Working with Woll2Woll's new IP 2000 and Apollo has become almost seamless. I use CodeRush with Delphi. CodeRush has a stats module that reports on developers stats like keystroke, time and productivity. I've noted that it is taking less time to develop apps than it was with previous Apollo versions. It's significantly cleaner and easier to use, particularly with third party tools. Way to go guys. (This is a totally unsolicited enthusiastic testimonial.) Now I can't wait for Apollo Database Server.

Terance P. Mahoney, President, SYNERSYS

We use Apollo for all of our internal database apps, and our web servers

Dave Datta

I have been using DBFSIX and Apollo for, I think, about 8-9 years now in this product ["OpticalStore(tm)" by Abacus Associates, Inc.]. Since the data driver first was available. OpticalStore(tm) is a practice management system for vision centers and optometric practices. It simplifies the day in, day out process of recording patient information, doctor exams, lab prescriptions, point of sale, and patient recall.

Dan Thornton, Abacus Associates, Inc.

I'm excited that Apollo is now in your hands because I enjoyed articles by you both (I still hold my Reference(Clipper) collection) and I didn't like the too 'administrative' mood of Luxent.

Alessandro Zanello

Things are feeling better already. You guys are doing a great job in taking over the Apollo product. The install was very straightforward. I liked the obvious check boxes. Nice. The readme file is organized well. I'm just now starting in on the Help file.

Claude Needham, Interloper/Kibitzer

I just upgraded to Apollo 5 from 4 and I have a few comments. The installation went like a dream - this is very unusual for an Apollo upgrade. The drivers seem to be much faster than before. The documentation is an order of magnitude better than before - very professional. Keep up the good work!!!

Bob Houghton

I am very satisfied with [Apollo] 5.x. I have been with Apollo for a long time and I would have to say this [Apollo] is one of the most stable versions. Also, the "new" management style is refreshing. Although I haven't had problems, I have noticed by reading the newsgroups, they are attacking all issues with a firm determination to squash all them bugs. I am a long time user of CDX indexes and again have no problems. My data tables are 100s of megabytes in size with record counts approaching 1 million or so. I had some kind of issue with the DbLookupComboBox with earlier versions of Apollo, but that has totally gone away with version 5. I would suggest that you run, don't walk, to the upgrade (sooner rather than later). BTW, I am NOT employed by the Apollo folks, just a very happy user.

Jim Gunkel Sr.

I tested [Apollo] version 5.02 on one of my larger projects 170k lines of code with up to 70 table components on one form. From what I can see, this release works flawlessly -- no errors at all (design and run time). Another thing I noticed is that this release seems to be doing a better job of memory management over previous versions, allowing me to have many forms open in design time with active tables and no memory errors. <Very good> A big improvement over the last release.

William Berndt, NuSoft Technologies

Since I started working with Apollo v5.1 in my current project a few months ago, I noticed that it built indexes faster then version 4.0 did. Today, I decided to make a test to compare the real speed. Wow!!! Version 4.0 required 14 seconds to build two index tags for a table with 30,000 records on a shared network drive with a 100mb connection. But, Apollo v5.1 needed only 3 seconds!!! This is amazing!

Daniel G. Schaer

By the way, I've been extremely impressed with the speed and stability of 5.12 over 4.03. The simple fact that basic database handling is 3 times faster in general has saved me from having to re-design whole sections and sections that were re-designed are now up to 10 times faster. Preliminary tests with Apollo Database Server look even better!! Keep up the great work.

Dave Maryka

I don't know what made the difference, but my Apollo apps are substantially faster than previous versions. Indexing in particular is much faster.

Dave Wysocki, Unitech Research, Inc.

I have been using Apollo since Version 4 and have now just upgraded to the latest release of Apollo. I am using Delphi and Apollo to convert an old FoxPro 2.6 Database application. This is the only engine in which I have found can natively use the existing FoxPro tables (including memo files *.FPT). The speed improvement is incredible. Apollo can and does uses existing FoxPro Indexes (both *.CDX and *.IDX) my users are currently working within the old application while I upgrade/transfer everything into Delphi with absolutely no disruptions. I have also migrated a couple of applications from Paradox (using the BDE) to Apollo, I now have no more BDE Installation headaches. I highly recommend it to any developer.

Andy Duggan, IT Manager, Asean Cargo Services P/L