Apollo Embedded 9.9

Award-winning, embedded database engine for developing Windows applications that manage CA-Clipper and FoxPro 2.6 DBF database files locally or on a shared LAN environment. Includes ADO.NET Data Provider for .NET and native VCL components for Delphi & C++Builder.

Apollo Server 9.9

Optional database server (Windows only) allows Apollo Embedded applications to connect to CA-Clipper, FoxPro 2.6 and Apollo data files over TCP/IP. Ideal for building client/server applications or for connecting to data files stored on remote servers. Requires Apollo Embedded 9.7 (Sold separately)

SIX RDD 3 for CA-Clipper 5.2

Legacy Replaceable Database Driver (RDD) for CA-Clipper 5.2 that replaces CA-Clipper's default DBF/NTX/DBT data driver. SIX RDD provides DBF/NSX/SMT support, small single-file compound indexes, more functionality and faster performance.
(Requires CA-Clipper 5.2 for DOS)

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Apollo is an EXCELLENT product which I use for EVERY application I write which requires a database, and nowadays that means all of them.

Apollo just got Hardcore!

I love your products. Applications I developed with Apollo over the last decade have aced the test of time, with heavy daily use. I purchased the upgrade today.

Congratulations on winning Best Database Engine Award!

Download the free Apollo 30-day trial