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Apollo Database Server™ is a high-performance xBase database engine that lets Apollo engines work in true client/server mode. The Apollo Database Server features royalty-free distribution (Buy once deploy many). Technically, it features both direct table access and built-in SQL support (Apollo SQL™) so you can manage your data using an Object Oriented API and/or using SQL queries.

The Apollo Database Server allows Apollo-based applications to run in true client/server mode over LANs and the Internet. Setting up the Apollo Database Server is easy and does not require a database administrator.

To build Apollo client applications, developers use one of the component sets from Apollo Embedded. In addition to client-side applications, each Apollo Embedded component allows developers to build applications that run in stand-alone or peer-to-peer configurations. Developers use one or more of the following Apollo products to build the client applications:

Each of the following Apollo Embedded components can optionally connect to an Apollo Server:

ADO.NET Provider for .NET and Visual Studio

VCL components for RAD Studoio, Delphi and C++Builder