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Apollo Embedded 9.8


Embedded database engine for managing
CA-Clipper & FoxPro DBF database files using .NET, Delphi & C++Builder

Award winning technology


Apollo Embedded includes everything developers need to create native 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and .NET applications that manage CA-Clipper and FoxPro 2.6 DBF/Xbase database files. Developers can create single and multi-user desktop and web-based database applications using Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio, Visual Studio Community, Professional and Enterprise editions (C#, VB.NET) with 32-bit and 64-bit support.

The Apollo embedded database engine features a small 1MB footprint that delivers high-performance, low-overhead data management. Apollo applications are smaller, more robust and easier to deploy than applications developed using Jet, MSDE or the BDE. Because of Apollo's small footprint and royalty free Copy 'n Go!™ deployment, applications can be distributed easily over the Internet with no concerns for download size, configuration or licensing.

Includes everything you need!

  • DBF Support - CA-Clipper, FoxPro 2.6 files (DBF/NTX/DBT, DBF/CDX/FPT, DBF/NSX/SMT)
  • Components - ADO.NET Data Provider, VCL TDataSet
  • Database Engine - 32-bit & 64-bit embedded DBF/Xbase database engine with SQL support
  • Tools - Apollo DBF Utility for visually managing DBF/Xbase files and the Apollo Query Tool for running interactive SQL commands on DBF files
  • Free 2-User Apollo Server - Remote DBF/Xbase data management



Database engine & SQL support

  • Native 32-bit and 64-bit support
  • CRUD support for managing DBF/NTX/DBT, DBF/CDX/FPT and DBF/NSX/SMT files
  • Small 1MB footprint
  • SQL-92 support
  • Direct Data Access™ (DDA Speedmode)
  • No end-user configuration required
  • Single and multi-user support
  • Dynamically create and modify databases
  • High-speed indexes and Full-Text Search (Traverse 1 million rows in less than 1 second using DDA)
  • Thread safe
  • Table level and row level locking
  • Copy-n-Go™ deployment
  • Royalty-free distribution

Database engine & SQL support details

Database file support

  • 100% compatible with CA-Clipper, FoxPro 2.6 and Apollo database files
  • Apollo can read/write DOS-based Clipper application data files simultaneously with DOS-based Clipper applications and without corrupting indexes (Note: Windows data access is the default)
  • Database supports up to 2GB
  • Secure encryption
  • Compound index support

DBF database specifications


Apollo components for .NET and VCL are designed to integrate natively into their respective development environments including Borland Developer Studio, Borland Delphi/C++ Builder, Visual Studio and Visual Basic. Each Apollo Embedded component integrates tightly with the included Apollo database engine and with the optional Apollo Server. Click on each of the component sets below to read more.

Note: In previous versions of Apollo, components were packaged individually as specific Apollo editions and sold separately (e.g. Apollo VCL, Apollo .NET, Apollo COM etc.). This is no longer the case. Apollo Embedded now includes all components in one edition.

.NET Components

  • ADO.NET Data Provider
  • ApolloDataAdapter
  • ApolloCommand
  • ApolloConnection
  • ApolloDataSet
  • ApolloDataReader (non-visual)
  • ApolloTable (DDA non-visual)
  • ApolloDatabase (DDA non-visual)

VCL Components

  • TApolloDatabase
  • TApolloTable
  • TApolloQuery

Database Engine

The Apollo embedded database engine is the underlying low-level technology that is responsible for reading, writing, and updating the DBF/Xbase database files, indexes and memo files. It is included with Apollo 9 Embedded and Apollo 9 Server. The database engine consists of several small .DLL files that total under 1MB in size, and which may be freely deployed with your applications.

Developers are not expected to use the Apollo database engine directly. Instead, use the Apollo Embedded components which seemlessly wrap the engine's API, to develop applications.

Database engine & SQL support details


Apollo Embedded includes the following two utilities for managing and working with your data files:

Apollo DBF Utility

  • Visually create and manage DBF database structures (schemas) and indexes (CA-Clipper, FoxPro and SIx)
  • Visually browse, add, edit and delete data and rows
  • Generate Delphi and C++ Source code
  • Re-index, pack, and export data

Apollo Query Tool

  • Run interactive SQL statements on DBF files
  • Export results to CSV files

Licensing FAQ

1. What am I paying for when I buy Apollo?

Apollo products are sold on a "per-developer" licensing model. This means that when you purchase Apollo, you are actually purchasing an Apollo license that is registered to you, the individual developer or company, for life. This gives you access to ongoing free updates and upgrade discounts to major releases.

2. Can I install Apollo on multiple machines?

Each developer who uses Apollo must obtain a license. With this license, each individual developer may install Apollo on any number of their dedicated development machines. If multiple developers share a computer, each developer must own an Apollo license.

3. Do I have to pay royalties when I distribute applications developed with Apollo?


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